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    April 2018
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I have trained and studied a variety of martial arts from the age of 7, beginning with Karate. Through my uncle, I studied practical self defense systems all throughout my formative years. In my early 20s, while I was studying Shaolin Kung Fu and Qi Gong, I was also ordained as a novice monk in the Korean Zen tradition.

In the later half of my 20s, I trained Muay Thai and Boxing under brothers/fighters Kru Eric, and Kru Ed Advincula of Tiger Gym. There, I got my first taste of gym culture. The contrast from the traditions in a dojo reminded me much of the spontaneous nature of my fellow monks in the Zen Buddhist Temple.

In 2010, the passing of my Grandmother, sparked a personal transformation which led me to dedicate my life to permanently shed 60 lbs and train and fight out of world renowned boxing gyms all over the Golden State. Most notably was my 4 years spent at The Wild Card Boxing Club, in Hollywood, training with arguably some of the best in the sport. In June of 2015, I cornered my first professional fight with Cesar Martinez-San Juan, also out of the Wild Card.

Now in my mid-thirties, I work with professional and amateur fighters, enthusiasts and those simply looking to improve their quality of life to achieve their individual and specific goals. I also manage an Instagram account, micro-blogging my love for the sport through images and highlight reels. Follow me @jus_lee_ on Instagram!

If you’re in the Los Angeles area, looking to sharpen up your stand-up game, or simply need your fitness needs met without all the extra BS, call me anytime between 9-5pm (PST) @ 626-679-3241.



“…To express oneself honestly, not lying to oneself… 
Now that, my friend, is very hard to do.” – Bruce Lee

With each of my fighters (I believe everyone is a fighter), whether it’s in preparation for battle or lifestyle management, the aim is always to establish self-honesty. Success is the byproduct of a healthy commitment to integrity and excellence. Boxing as a fitness activity is a proven means of getting in incredible shape both physically and mentally.

My repertoire of exercises are mostly closed kinetic chain exercises with plyometric and isometric variations and can be targeted for specific improvements to one’s athletic performance. Programs are individually designed to shock the body to increase one’s functional strength, while developing speed, coordination, and reactivity.

With me, you will study and improve upon your Boxing fundamentals. From head, body and feet movement to punch technique and weight transferring. We’ll also develop offensive and defensive strategy tailored to your fight style and body type while working on footwork, positioning and ring generalship.

As with any weight management program, diet is the key to abs and muscle striations. Please inquire about a holistic nutrition program customized for your health and/or fitness needs.

I do private one-on-one sessions and can cater to groups. Please contact me with any questions regarding rates and availability.



Please feel free to TEXT or EMAIL me at any time. Calling is not recommended, unless you are an established client. Thank you kindly.
MOBILE: 626-679-3241

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